I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Calgary. I graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) in 2007 with a degree in physics engineering (Major: Condensed Matter Physics), and received my Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics (Majors: Laser Physics & Condensed Matter Physics) from National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) in 2015.

In 2016 I joined the research group of Dr. Gregory Welch at the University of Calgary. Here I helped build an organic electronic device fabrication and testing setup. My main project was the optimization of organic photovoltaic devices. I worked with several graduate students using newly synthesized materials as active layer components to create low-cost, high efficiency devices. Towards the end of this project, and in collaboration with Brilliant Matters, I transitioned lab scale devices to roll-to-roll compatible processed ones with application for indoor light recycling. This work was published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Skills gained from these projects including solution processing of organic and inorganic materials via both spin and slot-die coating methods, the building of the system and methodology for testing OPVs under indoor source.

In 2019 I took on a new project with Professor Welch and Pahlevani (UofC) in collaboration with GenopticsLED Inc to develop large area, roll-to-roll compatible coated organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Here I have designed a new OLED architecture that is optimized to be fabricated using slot-die coating methods. I am both focused on delivering easily fabricated OLEDs on flexible substrates and high performance with color variety.

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